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Water and Organic Vapor Sorption Analyzer

There is a new star in the Quantachrome lineup of precision sorption analyzers! The VSTAR™ vapor sorption analyzer goes beyond water sorption to provide vapor sorption analysis using a wide variety of organic vapors at a wide range of temperatures. Meticulous control of the manifold temperature from the vapor source to the sample eliminates the possibility of local condensation of the adsorptive and ensures the most accurate analysis possible.

The VSTAR measures complete adsorption-desorption isotherms, that is the quantitative uptake of vapor as a function of relative pressure / relative humidity at a user selectable, thermostatically controlled temperature. Such measurements are of critical importance to material scientists developing adsorption based technologies for chemical process and environmental applications.

Features - Benefits:

  • Single thermostatically controlled manifold and vapor source chamber for homogeneous temperature throughout. Cold spots where condensation or wall effects can deteriorate results are eliminated.
  • Manifold and vapor source temperature is user selectable from 40°C to 110°C.
  • Up to four sample stations for high throughput or a single station for economy. Choose the model that fits your needs.
  • Each sample station can be maintained at a different temperature (requires multiple circulator baths) or run at a common temperature (sharing a single circulator bath).
  • Standard circulator controls the sample temperature from –20°C to 100°C with a stability of ±0.01°C and optional circulators can extend that range to –40°C to 100°C and/or the stability to ±0.005°C.
  • Small volume of sample jackets reduces thermal gradients, even when sharing a single circulator for four stations.
  • Dedicated pressure transducers on each sample station reduce void volume and allow simultaneous equilibration of all stations.
  • Optional pressure transducers for increased precision at low pressures are available.
  • Optional turbomolecular pump to allow low pressure measurements.
  • Internal vacuum system reduces clutter and saves valuable bench space.
  • Integrated cold trap prevents vapors from entering the vacuum pump and reducing its efficiency.
  • Isolation valves protect sensitive or hydroscopic samples when transferring them from the outgasser to the analysis station.
  • Windows based software provides a flexible interface for setting up experiments, controlling instrument functions, and displaying data. A full complement of classical and modern models for data reduction and display is included.
  • The system is supplied complete and ready for operation. Vacuum pump, circulator, tubing, samples cells, etc. are all included.



Independent analysis stations, each consisting of: sample cell, isolation valve, pressure transducer, and recirculating dewar. With optional circulating baths, each cell can operate at its own temperature, or with the standard configuration one bath can be shared with all operating cells.

Performance 1 Station 2 Station 3 Station 4 Station
Analysis Stations 1 2 3 4
Analysis Gas Input 1 1 1 1
Analysis Liquid Input 1 1 1 1
Pressure Transducers1 2 3 4 5
Optional Extra Transducers Maximum 1 2 3 4
Transducer Accuracy2 <0.05% FS
Vacuum Pump Internal, optional turbo
Degas type External (standard), In Situ (optional)
Loading Samples Isolation valve for degassing and transferring to analysis station. Quick connect/disconnect of circulating bath and sample cells.
Sample Cells Glass of various sizes
Analysis Temperature Range3 -20ºC to 100ºC
Thermostated Manifold Yes (40ºC to 110ºC)
Po Calculated from temperature, measured on empty station, or user entered.
Data Reduction and Reporting Full complement of data reduction and display methods
Technical Specifications
Temperature Range 10°C – 38°C
Max Relative Humidity 90% (non-condensing)
Input Voltage (VAC) 100–120 or 200–240 (switch selectable)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Max Power 400 W
Dimensions 85.8cm x 52.5cm x 75.0cm (Width x Depth x Height:)

1Standard version (optional low pressure transducers can be installed)
2For standard 1000 mbar pressure transducer
3Standard Version

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VSTAR Water and Organic Vapor Sorption Analyzer


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