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Material Characterisation

BET Surface Area
Gas Adsorption
Particle Shape
Particle Size
Pore Size
Representative Sampling
Vapor Sorption
Zeta Potential

Scientific Instruments and Equipment

Accessories - Thermoelectric Chiller/Heater, CryoCooler, CryoSync, Gas Mixer, Long Stemmed Glass Funnel
Aquadyne DVS - gravimetric water sorption analyzer
AutoFlow BET+ - high throughput surface area analyzer
Autotap - tap density analyzers
Autosorb 6iSA - six port surface area and pore size analyzer
Autosorb-iQ Series - high performance, extended micropore range, surface area and pore size analyzers
Autosorb-iQ-C - chemisorption-physisorption analyzer with mass spectrometer and TCD options
ChemBET PULSAR TPR/TPD - combines affordability and automation and offers compact, bench-top catalyst characterization
ChemStar TPx - automated flow chemisorption analyzer
CILAS Eco-sizer / 990 / 1090 / 1190 - laser particle size analyzers
CryoCooler - cryogen free refrigerator
Dispersion Technology DT-300 / DT-1200 / DT-1201 / DT-1202 - instrumentation for measuring particle size distribution, zeta potential, coagulation, and flocculation in concentrated systems
dynaSorb BT series - dynamic sorption breakthrough analyzer
FloVac & Flow Degassers - choose from flow/vacuum or flow-only models
iSorb-HP - high pressure gas sorption analyzer
MasterPrep Degasser - vacuum/flow preparation unit for Quadrasorb-SI and Autosorb-6B
Monosorb - rapid dynamic flow method for determination of single-point BET surface area
Multipycnometer - automatic gas pycnometer with multiple volume interchangeable sample cells
Nova e Series - rapid, high throughput BET surface area and pore size analyzers
NOVAtouch - next generation analyzer delivers performance improvements along with a touch-sensitive screen
OCCHIO 500nano - optical granulomorphometer for dry powder based on image analysis technology with dry and wet mode
Occhio ZEPHYR - shape analysis of sievable powders using combination of mechanical dispersion and linear acceleration in air flow
Occhio FLOWCELL - Particle shape analysis of suspensions
PentaFoam 5200e - automatic gas pycnometer
Pentapyc 5200e - automatic gas pycnometer for true density
PoreMaster Series - consists of three automatic mercury intrusion porosimeters
Porometer 3G Series - latest generation capillary flow porometers
Quadrasorb evo - high analytical throughput surface area and pore size analyzer
Rotary Micro Riffler - rotary sample splitter automatically divides larger samples into eight representative samples
Sieving Riffler - rotary sample splitter with sieve to exclude larger particle sizes
Software - VersaWin gas sorption data reduction software
Stereopycnometer - automatic gas pycnometer with choice of two interchangeable sample cells
Thermoflow Degasser - flow-through preparation unit for Monosorb surface area analyzer
UltraFoam 1200e - automatic gas pycnometer
Ultrapyc 1200e - automatic gas pycnometer with additional option of vacuum purge
VSTAR - Water and Organic Vapor Sorption Analyzer
WAVE Series - electroacoustic technique for the rapid evaluation of pore size and porosity
XeriPrep - degasser with six independently controlled stations