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Sieving Riffler

Rotary Sample Splitter

The Sieving Riffler™ is designed to handle larger quantities of powder than the Rotary Micro Riffler. Additionally, particles larger than a particular size and/or foreign bodies can be excluded from the riffling process by attaching a sieve to the top of the hopper.

The Sieving Riffler has 3 basic components: A cylindrical vibrating hopper, a rotating sample collector table and a replaceable sieve. The collector is divided into eight (8) removable stainless steel compartments.

To divide a sample, the hopper is filled or partly filled with sample. The vibrator amplitude is set and the powder is automatically fed into the rotating collectors. After all the material has been delivered, further reduction in sample size may be achieved by emptying the contents of one or more collector back into the hopper for additional splitting.

The durable stainless collectors are appropriate for both laboratory and industrial environments.

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Sieving Riffler

Sieving Riffler

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