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Porometer 3G Series

Through-Pore Size Analyzers

The POROMETERS 3G micro, 3G macro, 3Gz and 3Gzh are latest generation capillary flow porometers. Using the technique known as liquid expulsion, they measure pore size distributions and other related information of through-pores. In this technique, an increasing pressure is applied to one side of a wetted porous sample while pressure and flow rate are monitored. As the pressure is increased, the pores in the sample are progressively emptied (largest through-pore first, then smaller ones). The flow rate through the emptied pores is recorded and used together with the pressure to provide information such as the maximum pore size, the mean flow pore size and full pore size distributions.

The 3G porometers can also generate gas permeability information from the pressure and flow rate data.

The Porometer 3G series provides exceptional performance in compact desk top units. They are equally appropriate for material science testing labs, research and development and quality control departments. The pore size ranges of the 3G porometers is shown visually in the graphic below.

Porometer Instruments Pore Size Range (microns)

Pore Size Range


The flagship porometer for research applications. This capillary flow porometer has the widest pore size measurement range in the series, with both low and high flow rate sensing capability as standard. The pressure capability of up to 500 psi allows for pore sizes from 500 µm down to as small as 18nm to be measured quickly and reproducibly. Its measurement flexibility means that the 3G zh is appropriate for characterizing the widest variety of materials.


The Porometer 3G z is a compact, automatic, broad size range capillary flow porometer, customizable with a wide range of available flow rates sensors. The 3G z is therefore the ideal porometer for samples of controlled geometric size and through-porosity since these parameters, not just pore size, significantly control absolute gas flow through the sample.


The Porometer 3G macro is the preferred capillary flow porometer for large pore sizes because of its low pressure and high flow rate capabilities. Low pressure control and sensing allows for high resolution pore size measurements up to 500 µm (and larger) to be made, perfect for a wide variety of woven and non-woven materials like diapers, wipes, coarse cleaner and air filters, etc.


The Porometer 3G micro is our entry level capillary flow porometer with small-to-medium pore size capability, and customizable flow rate options. Choose from 100psi or 150 psi maximum pressure, and flow rates of 20, 100 or 200L/min. The 3G micro is especially suitable for a wide variety of woven and non-woven materials having narrower pore size distributions.

Functional Capability 3g micro 3G macro 3G z 3G zh
Pore Size minimum 0.09 µm 0.09 µm <0.04 µm <0.02 µm
Pore Size Maximum 100 µm >500 µm 500 µm 500 µm
Pressure Controllers 1 2 2 2
Controller #1 0-100 psi 0-5 psi 0-30 psi 0-30 psi
Controller #2 n/a 0-100 psi 0-300 psi 0-500 psi
Pressure Sensors 2 2 3 3
Sensor #1 0-5 psi 0-5 psi 0-5 psi 0-5 psi
Sensor #2 0-100 psi 0-100 psi 0-100 psi 0-100 psi
Sensor #3 n/a n/a 0-250 psi 0-500 psi
Flow Sensors 1 1 1 or 2 2
Sensor #1 0 -100 L/min 0 -200 L/min 0 -100 L/min 0 -10 L/min
Sensor #2 n/a n/a 0 -200 L/min (optional) 0 -200 L/min
Flow Sensor Switching n/a n/a manual auto
Technical Specifications
Pressure sensing accuracy +/- 0.05% f.s.
Pressure resolution 16 bit A/D equivalent
Flow sensor type Precision thermal mass flow
Flow sensor settling time < 2 secs
Flow sensor temperature coefficient <0.05%/degC (15-45degC)
Mains power 90 - 240 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz
Main control unit dimensions 40cm(H) x 45cm(D) x 19cm(W)
Sample holder block dimensions 24cm(H) x 32 cm(D) x 15cm(W)


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Porometer 3G Series

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