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Particle Size Analyzers

CILAS's state of the art laser particle size analyzers include features such as their patented short optical bench, intuitive software interface and a 2 in 1 design that effortlessly integrates wet and dry modes in the same system. Perform particle shape and size analysis with the integrated video camera. CILAS has the only Laser Particle Size Analyzer that can show you the shape of your particles while performing particle size distribution analysis.

Model range:

  • CILAS Eco-sizer 0.3 - 400 microns (wet and dry)
  • CILAS 990 0.2 - 500 microns (wet and dry)
  • CILAS 1090 0.04 - 500 microns (wet and dry)
  • CILAS 1190 0.04 - 2500 microns (wet and dry)

Cilas analysers can be equipped with advanced imaging and shape analysis capabilities to give detailed information on particle shape factors and visual inspection of particles.

Visit the CILAS Particle Size Analyzers web site here.

Also available - CILAS NanoDS dual light scattering analyser.

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