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New AutoFlow BET+ released

Dynamic Flow Surface Area Analyzer

The AutoFlow BET+ provides exceptionally fast and high throughput BET surface area capabilities, delivering up to 36 analysis results per hour.

  • single-point and multipoint BET modes
  • unique MEMS-TCD sensor design
  • built-in mass flow controllers
  • dedicated pressure transducers
  • parallel multi-path analysis stations

The instrument's modular design includes a control module with three degas stations and one, two or three independent analysis modules.

The best choice for laboratories where simple, fast and reliable surface area analyses are required:

  • three independently programmable (multi-step) sample preparation stations
  • menu-driven, easy-to-use software
  • ergonomic design with protective shielding doors
  • quiet - the Autoflow does not employ any vacuum pumps

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New AutoFlow BET+