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New AutoFlow BET+ High Throughput Dynamic Flow Surface Area Analyzer

- Jul 2017

Autosorb-iQ now available with 3 independent analysis stations - new look model

- Jun 2017

Quantachrome Instruments Releases Novel Cryocooling Accessory - CryoSync Unique Cryogenic Temperature Controller

- Mar 2017

Quantachrome attending the UK Catalysis Conference 2017 at the University of Manchester

- Jan 2017

Investigating the Sorption Characteristics of Technical Adsorbents by Dynamic Methods using dynaSorb BT

- Nov 2016

Novel Analytical Techniques Seminar - UCL November 2016

- May 2016

Dr Matthias Thommes presents keynote at BZA 39th annual meeting

- Mar 2016

Investigation of Industrial Adsorbents by Gas Flow Methods - live webinar

- Mar 2016

Quantachrome Instruments Releases New dynaSorb BT Dynamic Sorption Breakthrough Analyzer

- Sep 2015

Quantachrome attending Gold 2015 and BZA - Join us at these materials science conferences

- Jul 2015

12th International Conference on Materials Chemistry – Quantachrome attending flagship event in York

- Jul 2015

New ChemStar automated flow chemisorption analyzer - Full automation with vapor introduction & internal gas mixing

- Apr 2015

Continuation of research and development partnership with the University of Edinburgh

- Dec 2014

New NOVAtouch surface area & pore size analyzer - increased analysis through-put and operator ease of use.

- Dec 2014

Advances in the physical adsorption characterization of mesoporous zeolites

- Oct 2014

Simultaneous physisorption analysis of 3 samples with Autosorb iQ3 gas sorption analyzer

- Sept 2014

New VSTAR Water and Organic Vapor Sorption Analyzer

- May 2014

New software for gas sorption analysis supports import from third party instruments and data sets

- April 2014

Textural Characterization of Nanoporous Materials with Hierarchical Pore Structure

- April 2014

Quantachrome UK sponsors NOWNANO summer conference

- March 2014

Paper on hydride silica composites published by our own Kseniia Katok

- January 2014

Faster surface area and pore size analysis with new Quadrasorb evo

- November 2013

New sample preparation degasser released

- September 2013

Autosorb 6iSA surface area and pore size analyzer released

- July 2013

New long stemmed glass funnel

- July 2013

Autosorb-iQC-TPX launched with fully integrated control system

- April 2013

New dual light scattering particle size analyzer - Cilas NanoDS

- March 2013

Characterization of Porous Materials and Powders ARIC CPD Course (University of Edinburgh, April 2013)

- February 2013

Cryogen free refrigerator for extended experiment times

- January 2013

Riga Technical University advances it material characterisation capabilities

- November 2012

Quantachrome Particle Sizing Technologies Meet the Experts Day - Imperial College, London - 2nd October 2012

- August 2012

Quantachrome exhibiting at Euromembrane 2012 (23rd-27th September)

- August 2012

Aquadyne DVS used in dating of archaeological pottery – research published in Royal Society Proceedings A

- July 2012

Autosorb users workshop held at Palacký University in Olomouc

- December 2011

Autosorb iQ-XR 0.1 torr transducer for extended low pressure capability and enhanced resolution

- May 2011

Sub-Ambient accessory is available for our flow chemisorption units

- March 2011

FloVac and Flow Degassers are now fully programmable

- January 2011

Contemporary Approach To Micropore Analysis

- December 2010

Save budget and bench space with new Autosorb-iQ multiple instrument control

- November 2010

Introducing New Quantachrome Instrument 3G Porometer For The Analysis Of Through-Pores In Porous Materials

- October 2010

New Cryostat offers greater versatility in gas sorption studies


New Pycnometer range


New pore size model for Activated carbon


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