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Dynamic Sorption Breakthrough Analyzer

The dynaSorb BT series provides unique capabilities to investigate arbitrarily complex dynamic sorption processes in a uniquely safe and easy-to-use bench-top instrument. Technical adsorbents can be investigated under authentic process conditions in a broad temperature and pressure range with adjustable gas flow rates and well-defined gas compositions.

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Real-time control and programmable operation of all system functions via the user-friendly dynaWin software

Download an example of a mixture isotherm of CO2 in N2 on activated carbon..

Read the paper published in Adsorption (Journal of the International Adsorption Society) by Quantachrome Germany's Andreas Möller: Dynamic and equilibrium-based investigations of CO2-removal from CH4-rich gas mixtures on microporous adsorbents


  • Determination of breakthrough curves
  • Investigation of kinetic performance of adsorbents
  • Investigation of co-adsorption and displacement phenomena
  • Determination of sorption selectivity
  • Reasonable downscaling of technical separation processes
  • Dynamic adsorption and desorption experiments
  • Determination of single- and multi-component adsorption data
  • Investigation of heat profiles along the adsorber bed


  • Large Flow Range - Investigation of mixture equilibrium and kinetics, downscaling of technical processes.
  • Tempered Inlet Gas and Adsorber - For uncompromised temperature control during the measurement.
  • Built-in Sample Preparation Up to 400°C - Investigation of hydrophilic materials (i.e. Zeolites and silica gels).
  • Linear Heating Rates Up to 10 K/min - Slow and controlled heating of sensitive materials.
  • Automated Gas Mixing - No need of multiple pre-mixing gas tanks, increasing of flexibility of measurement conditions.
  • Automated Counter Current Operation - Downscaling technical PSA-processes.
  • PC Control and Data Acquisitions - Completely programmable for operator-free analysis.
  • Four Temperature Sensors In Column - Monitoring of heating profiles during adsorption and desorption processes.
  • Differential Pressure Sensor - Observation of pressure drop in the column.
  • Built-in Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) - Automated time-resolved measurement of outlet gas composition.
  • Bypass Connection - Measurement of inlet gas composition before analysis.


Feature dynaSorb
Adsorber 1
Number of mass flow controllers* 2 standard, 3 or 4 optional
Max. pressure [bar] 10
Sample preparation in-situ
Temperature range heating mantle ambient to 400 °C
Temperature range circulator bath -20 °C to 90 °C
Dimensions Height 80 cm
Width 95 cm
Depth 60 cm
Weight 200 kg

*Mass flow controllers are available in different ranges (0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 L/min) for optimal instrument configuration with respect to customer’s needs.

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dynaSorb Dynamic Sorption Breakthrough Analyzer


dynaSorb Dynamic Sorption Breakthrough Analyzer

Mixture Isotherm of CO2 in N2 on activated carbon

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