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Autotap and Dual Autotap

Tap Density Analyzers

The tapped density of powdered, granular of flakey material is highly dependent on the manner in which the particles are packed together. During tapping, particles gradually pack more efficiently, the powder volume decreases and the tapped density increases.

Under controlled conditions of tapping rate, tap force (i.e. drop) and cylinder diameter, this condition of maximum packing efficiency is highly reproducible. Tapped density measurement (sometimes referred to as tapped bulk density, or just tap density) is formalized in a number of international standards to which both Autotap models conform.

Standards Suitability

(metallic powders)
ASTM D4164
(formed catalysts)
ASTM D4781
(fine catalysts)
 IDF 134
(dried milk)
 ISO 787-11
 ISO 3953
(metallic powders)
 ISO 8460
(instant coffee)
 ISO 8967
(dried milk)
 ISO 9161
(uranium dioxide powder)
JIS K5101-12-2
 JIS Z 2512
(metallic powders)
MPIF 46 
(metal powders)
USP<616>Part II
(pharmaceutical powders)

Available Options

The Autotaps are normally supplied with 250ml cylinders, but you may request 10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml or 50ml instead.  A larger optional platform is required to accommodate the largest cylinder we offer, the 1000ml.  But, of course, this platform does accommodate all the smaller cylinders too.  If you need to ensure the same fixed number of taps for all analyses, an optional special lockout feature is also available which prevents unauthorized changes to the counter.

Noise Reduction Cabinet

As tapped density is mechanical in nature, the repeated and constant tapping (in practise, the dropping) of the cylinder 250 times a minute is audible. The optional noise reduction cabinet for the Autotap range of density analyzers can reduce this by up to 15dBA depending on the installation environment.

The cabinet is made from foam insulated steel with an access hole in the rear panel to allow for power cord entry. Dimensions: 76cm (30") W x 38cm (15") D x 76cm (30") H Weight: 28kg (62 lbs)


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Tap Density Analyzers - Autotap and Dual Autotap



Tap Density Analyzers - Noise reduction cabinet

Noise reduction cabinet

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