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Quadrasorb evo

Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzers

Quantachrome’s Quadrasorb evo surface area and pore size analyzer is designed to satisfy busy laboratory needs for high analytical throughput, without sacrificing precision, flexibility or cost-effectiveness.

Up to four simultaneous and independent analysis ports remove the limitations of single dewar systems allowing samples to be started as soon as previous measurements are completed. A dedicated transducer has been provided for measurement of Po (adsorbate saturated vapor pressure), so that continually measuring Po does not slow down analysis capabilities.

The new BET “QuickMode” provides high throughput industrial materials characterization labs the ability to process samples at dramatically improved speeds. This measurement flexibility has never before been available in such a compact and cost-effective package.


Designed to benefit customers in an industrial setting that require high throughput BET surface area
measurements. This is ideal for customers doing initial screening of candidate materials as part of a material discovery group. Our QuickMode will provide scientifically accurate surface area data.

QuickMode Features:

  • Shorter initialization cycle
  • All samples start at one time, running synchronously
  • When a sample finishes it is not immediately evacuated, but waits for the remaining samples in a batch to complete their runs unimpeded
  • Available in both classical helium void volume, helium free Nova mode, and with all of Po modes

Dose Wizard™

This unique proprietary method can yield even more time savings by using a previously measured isotherm as a dosing template. This provides the information of how much gas the sample is likely to adsorb at relative pressures utilizing the information from a previous analysis. In this mode, the unit does not have to learn and adjust how much gas to add in order to achieve a data point at each relative pressure. This results in significant time savings. The Dose Wizard can be used with or without QuickMode enabled. This allows the instrument to dose more aggressively, saving significant analysis time.

Software & Firmware Improvements for Speed

A new proprietary dosing algorithm, implemented in the Quadrasorb evo firmware increases speed and accuracy for reaching target pressure in the mesopore range. For repeat analysis a feature has been added in the software to allow the option of entering previous measurements of a cold and warm zone.

This significantly saves time as well. The dosing software has optimized the calculation of the rate of adsorption required in each dose. This reduces the number of doses required, and also speeds up analysis times.

Compelling Impacts on Speed & Analysis Time

All of the various improvements made can speed up analysis times from 30% to as high as 50% faster than the predecessor Quadrasorb SI. The greatest increases will be when using the QuickMode for standard BET analysis using the NOVA® mode.

  • Up to 50% Faster Analysis Time
  • Four Multi-Point BET -Measurements in 25 Minutes!


To more effectively prepare multiple samples and to fully utilize the high throughput capabilities of the Quadrasorb, Quantachrome has created a range of degassers.


Analysis Specifications
Pressure Transducers Up to six 1000 torr transducers (one on each sample station, plus dosing manifold and Po manifold) plus one# 1 torr transducer (dosing manifold)
Transducer Accuracy 1000 torr: 0.11% full scale
1 torr: 0.15% reading
Pressure Resolution 0.016 torr (1000 torr range)
0.000016 torr (1 torr range)
Ultimate Vacuum <1x10-2 torr achieved by dedicated 2 stage rotary, direct drive pump
1x10-9 torr achieved by turbomolecular vacuum pump in QUADRASORB evo - Kr/MP
Adsorbate Nitrogen or any other non-corrosive gas with appropriate coolant
Surface Area Range 0.01m2/g to no known upper limit (nitrogen)
0.0005 m2/g to no known upper limit (krypton) - Kr/MP model only
Minimum Pore Volume (liquid): 2x10-6 cc/g
(STP): 0.0001cc/g
Pore Size Range 3.5 - 4000Å / 0.35 - 400 nm
Minimum P/Po 1 x 10-3 QUADRASORB evo
4 x 10-5 QUADRASORB evo - Kr/MP
Coolant Level Automatically maintained at a level around the sample cell to minimize cold zone volume.
Physical Specifications
Dimensions Height: 73.6 cm
Height Open: 111.6 cm
Width: 63.7 cm
Depth: 53.3 cm
Depth Open: 66.5 cm
Weight 57.5 kg*
Electrical 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Environmental 10 - 38°C operating range at 90% maximum relative humidity

# Kr/MP version only
*4 station standard model not Kr/MP model

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Quadrasorb Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzers

Quadrasorb evo

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