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Autosorb-iQ Series

Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzers

The Autosorb-iQ Series is a line of high quality, high performance, single, double or triple port surface area and pore size analyzers. Extended micropore range is  possible by virtue of high-vacuum, turbomolecular pump and precision low pressure transducers. Very low surface area materials accommodated as standard; already krypton-enabled; no upgrade necessary. Leading-edge data analysis software, included as standard, for demanding research application (DFT,GCMC and classical methods). Available as standard (but upgradable) surface area/mesopore size analyzer with non-turbo vacuum system. Additional options are available for specific applications:

  • The Autosorb-iQ Any Gas  for standard applications using a variety of adsorbates with an option of second and third analysis stations.
  • The Autosorb-iQ-MP/Kr for micropore measurement with an option of up to two additional micropore capable analysis stations.
  • The Autosorb-iQ-C/MP/Kr for total precise, chemisorption/ physisorption measurement with an option of a second and third standard, micropore or mesopore analysis stations.
  • The Autosorb-iQ-C/MP/Kr/TCD for physisorption and chemisorption by vacuum volumetric and flow (TPR/TPD) methods as well as option of a second and third analysis station.
  • The Autosorb-iQ-C/MP/Kr/MS for total physisorption, chemisorption and mass spectrometer detection and an option of up to two additional analysis station.
  • The Autosorb-iQ with Vapour Option factory installed full vapour capability with automatic switching between vapour and gas.
  • The Autosorb-iQ with Calorimeter Interface. Connection to third party calorimeter. Includes special sample cell, tubing connection and cable.
  • The Autosorb-iQ with Cryostat: Allows measurement of physisorption isotherms in the range 78K to 200K using only LN2 as cryogen.

Autosorb iQ-XR
Autosorb iQ-MP and iQ-C models are available with a 0.1 torr transducer for extended low pressure capability and enhanced resolution to meet the demands of state-of-the-art nanoporous materials research. The dual/triple sample iQ2/iQ3 models areoffered with dual/triple 0.1 torr transducers, one for each sample manifold, to maintain its simultaneous measurement capability across all pressure ranges.
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Autosorb-iQ Model 2
Customers using more than one Autosorb-iQ can now control up to four units from a single instance of the ASiQWin program on a single PC reducing the need for multiple PC’s thereby saving valuable bench space and budget. All new Autosorb-iQ’s shipped after 18th December 2010 have this feature as standard.
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Autosorb iQ3
Quantachrome continues to improve its Autosorb iQ range to maintain it as the leading, most versatile and modular gas sorption analyzer available. The Autosorb iQ3 is even more powerful with three independent analysis ports for greater laboratory throughput for the same bench space footprint.
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Functional Capability by Model Autosorb
  iQ-AG iQ-AG-C iQ-AG-CX iQ-XR iQ-XR-C
Sample analysis stations (Base Model) 1 1 1 1 1
Optional 2nd/3rd AG Port (1000 torr) Y Y Y Y Y
Optional 2nd/3rd KR Port (1000, 10 torr)       Y Y
Opt. 2nd/3rd MP Port (1000, 10, 1 torr)       Y Y
Po station with dedicated transducer Y Y Y Y Y
BET/mesopore capable (P/Po >1 x 10E3) Y Y Y Y Y
Low pressure Kr capable       Y Y
Micropore capable (P/Po < 1 x 10E4)       Y Y
Chemisorption capable   Y Y   Y
1000 torr Transducers (Base Model) 3 3 3 3 3
10 torr Transducers (Base Model)       1 1
0.1 torr Transducers (Base Model)       1 1
Coolant level control method RTD RTD RTD RTD RTD
Standard Cryogen Dewar (90+ hours) 3 liter 3 liter 3 liter 3 liter 3 liter
Vacuum pump included Y Y Y Y Y
Turbo pump       Y Y
Built-in degasser stations 4 4   4 4
Degas cold trap Y Y   Y Y
Adsorbate gas input ports 5 5 5 5 5
Dedicated helium input port Y Y Y Y Y
Dedicated backfill gas input port Y Y Y Y Y
Number of Gas Input Ports (Base Model) 7 7 7 7 7
1100°C Furnace with Auto Lid Closing   Y Y   Y
Fan-Assisted Furnace Cooling   Y Y   Y
Upgradable to XR model Y Y      
Upgradeable to MP model Y Y      
Upgradeable to KR model Y Y      
Upgradeable to C model Y     Y  
Vapor Sorption Option Y Y   Y Y

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Autosorb iQ Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzers


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