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AutoFlow BET+

High Throughput Surface Area Analyzer

The Autoflow BET+ is a fully automated dynamic flow system designed to enable an extremely rapid evaluation of the surface areas of solid samples.

Single-point or multi-point determination of surface areas using different standard methods (such as BET and STSA) is easily carried out without the need for measuring system void volumes or recalibrating signal responses.

Key features:

  • speed of analysis : < 5 minutes for single point BET
  • built-in mass flow controllers : 2 MFCs per module
  • integrated 3 station degasser
  • Modules can handle pure gases or mixed gas inputs
  • 21 CFR part 11 complaint software

The AutoFlow BET+ references all measurements to standard temperature and pressure (STP) conditions, thereby making them calibration-free and independent of ambient conditions.

The analyzer incorporates three different flow paths in order to optimize the analysis speed and resolution of samples covering an extremely wide range of surface areas.

Analysis Speed

  1 module 2 modules 3 modules
Avg. Run Time per Sample (1-Pt. BET) < 5 mins < 3 mins < 2 mins
Avg. Run Time per Sample (3-Pt. BET) < 15 mins < 8 mins < 5 mins
Max. Analyses per Hour (1-Pt. BET) 12 24 36
Max. Analyses per Hour (3-Pt. BET) 4 8 12

Advantages of the AutoFlow BET+

  • Fully automated, calibration-free analyses : improves precision within and among laboratories
  • Single- and Multi-Point BET, Statistical Thickness (STSA) and t-Plot Methods available for surface area and pore volume determinations
  • Krypton capability extends surface area evaluation range to extremely low values
  • Superior sensor stability and robustness thanks to a new and unique MEMS-TCD sensor design
  • No vacuum pump required : minimizing noise, maintenance and potential oil mist effects
  • No need for time-consuming void volume measurements
  • No need for gas non-ideality corrections
  • No need for bath coolant level control devices
  • No cumulative errors, since each data point is independent of all others
  • Compact and ergonomic design saves valuable bench space

FloWin Software

Designed to seamlessly blend with your lab operations and maximize operator convenience with speedy analysis startup.

  • continuous updates of surface area measurements
  • automated and manual control of all system functions
  • calculations displayed in both graphical and tabular forms
  • customisable reports automatically generated

FloWin software

Technical Specifications

Description 1 module 2 modules 3 modules
Sample Analysis
No. of Analysis Stations 1 2 3
Pre-Programmed Analysis Setups Yes
User-Programmable Analyses Yes
Sample Preparation
No. of Preparation Stations 3 3 3
User-Programmable Target Temp./
Ramp Rate/Soak Time Steps
Up to 6 Steps per Station (18 Total)
User-Adjustable Degas Flow Rates Yes
Built-In Fast-Cooling Slots Yes
Maximum Degassing Temperature 350 oC (450 oC Optional)
Maximum Heating Rate 80 oC/min
Degas Time Range 0-500 hours
Analysis System
TCD Sensors 1 2 3
Mass Flow Controllers 2 4 6
Pressure Transducers 1 2 3
Handles Pure Gases Yes
Handles Gas Mixture Inputs Yes
Automatic Multi-Path Selection Yes
Isotherm Data Collection Range 0.005 to 0.95 P/Po (with N2/77K)
Time-Saving Precalibrated Responses Yes
Manual Mode Operation Yes
Surface Area
Single Point BET Yes
Multi-point BET Yes
Kr-Capable (for Low Surface Areas) Yes
Accuracy (vs. Reference Standard) +/- 1 %
Repeatability (Same Station) +/- 0.2 %
Reproducibility (Among Stations) +/- 0.5 %
Range Limits [m2/g] 0.01 to >3,000
Range Limits [m2] (with N2/77K) 0.1 to 350
Lower Limit [m2] (with Kr/77K) 0.05
Dimensions and Electrical
Height 62 cm
Depth 55 cm
Width 41 cm 60 cm 78 cm
Weight 34 kg 50 kg 67 kg
Voltage 100-200 VAC or 220-240 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power (max.) 350 VA

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