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Gas Sorption Data Reduction Software

VersaWin was developed to provide non-Quantachrome instrument users (third-party or home built instruments, even published literature) access to our comprehensive data reduction and reporting software, and to extend the data reduction capabilities to iSorb users.

VersaWin will appeal to sophisticated users that want a data reduction software that has the ability to:
A) Analyze data without having to utilize a physical instrument
B) Compare data between different instrument platforms
C) Compare data from different manufacturers

There are several reasons why a stand alone data reduction package might be of interest:
1. Some times research involves collaboration between many different researchers, often located in multiple geographic locations. Each of these researchers might have different instrument platforms, or might not have instrumentation at all.
2. A researcher active in these areas might want the ability to do data reduction analysis independent from a physical instrument. They might be working remotely, or might not have access to their instrumentation for a variety of reasons.
3. A researcher might want to utilize data taken from several different instruments, or from historical information that they previously tested. This software allows researchers to have one software package that can import data feeds from any instrument platform as long as they are in .csv format.
4. A researcher might want to be able to utilize some of the superior data reduction capabilities within the Quantachrome software unique to Quantachrome.

import data screen

Non-native or obsolete file formats can be read via the “import” function; these are:
.csv = comma separated value format isotherm data regardless of column order
.txt = iSorbHP absolute adsorbed amount data document
.raw = older Autosorb instruments
.drf = older Autosorb instruments supplemented data file (P, Po, time)
.dat = old NOVA instruments, Hydrosorb
.qnv = older NOVA software (vintage between .dat and .qps)

VersaWin reads the following current standard Quantachrome file formats:
.qps = physisorption data document
.qpScan = scanmode data document
.qcSuperCritical = supercritical gas sorption document
.ovp = physisorption overlay document
.hoa = heats of adsorption document

Contains all current data reduction methods, models, and reporting features found in iQWin software (but no new calculations).

View a list of VersaWin's data reporting capabilities.

View a list of VersaWin's calculations.


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