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Particle Size

Fully automated analysis of particle size distribution and particle shape analysis

One of the most fundamental measurements for the particle technologist is the measurement of particle size distributions. While the concept of ‘particle size’ is a simple one to understand, the practice of obtaining reliable and accurate particle size measurement and distribution is more complex. Particles are rarely simple geometric shapes, and describing an irregular shape and converting this into a ‘size’ is a challenging task. Couple this with the fact that particles may cover a wide range of sizes; from nanometres to millimetres, and the complexities of obtaining good dispersions of particles, and a picture starts to emerge of the difficulties involved in obtaining reliable particle size data.

Quantachrome UK offers a range of advanced particle size analysis techniques, and we support these with a team of highly trained and experienced technologists to help identify the most suitable technique for a given application.

Particle Size Measurement Techniques

  • Laser diffraction analysis - uses the angle of diffraction and intensity of a laser beam to calculate particle size distribution. CILAS’s range of laser granulometers can quickly and simply determine the full particle size distribution of particles in both LIQUID DISPERSION and DRY POWDERS.
  • Dynamic light scattering - the fluctuation in intensity of scattered light at different angles is measured to determine particle size. The Cilas Nano DS uses a combination of Static Light Scattering (SLS) and Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS).
  • Acoustic spectroscopy - particle size is calculated from the transmitted energy versus frequency profile of ultrasonic pulses. Dispersion Technology’s range of acoustic analysers allow the analysis of highly concentrated particle suspensions without the need for dilution, and the analysis of particles down to the nanometre level.


Particle Size Analysers

  • CILAS - CILAS’ state of the art laser particle size analysers include features such as our patented short optical bench, intuitive software interface and a 2 in 1 design which effortlessly integrates wet and dry modes in the same system. CILAS particle size analyzers work on determination and on control of the particle size in powder matter, in suspension or in emulsion. Its solutions meet the needs of various fields like cement, ceramics, manufacturing industries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biology, food or environmental industries..
  • Dispersion Technology - Scientific instrumentation for heterogeneous system characterization is a major business area. Dispersion Technology Inc has developed and is currently marketing a family of instruments based on ultrasound for characterizing particle size distribution, zeta potential, rheology, solid content and porosity in concentrated dispersions such as CMP slurries, nano-dispersions, ceramic slurries, battery slurries, cements, pharmaceutical emulsions and in porous bodies. .


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